Literary and Artistic contributions wanted for My Own

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My Own

could use more use more quality literary and artistic contributions appropriate for an egoist, individualist, anti-capitalist anarchist paper.

I’m interested in short essays, stories, poems, rants, humor, etc. (1000 words or less).

I would also like cartoons, line drawings, easily reproduced gray-scale artwork, etc. (I can’t do color).

If you’d like to present something for me to look over, send it as an attachment to:



Intellectual Vagabond Editions needs and wants

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I have a few needs and wants for carrying on this project and making the pamphlets as I would like.


The more pressing needs are:

1) a new internal hard drive for my computer;

2) a new manual paper cutter capable of cutting more quantity than the one I have;

3) materials for making rubber stamps;

4) pigment ink pads for stamping on dark card stock;

5) more card stock for covers.


Less pressing needs:

1) pre-made rubber stamps;

2) a laser printer (to make on-demand copies of pamphlets);

3) book-binding material;

4) materials for making linoleum-cut prints.



1) a small hand press for printing covers

2) small silk-screening material for printing covers.


This is why I am offering these options to those who would like to support this project on a substantial level: For $20 you will get a 12 issue subscription to My Own plus a pamphlet a month for a year. For $50 you will get a 36 issue subscription to my own and a pamphlet a month for three years. For $100 you will get a life-time subscription to My Own and a pamphlet a month for life (my life, that is, since I won’t be publishing anymore once that ends). Of course, the direct contribution of any of the above tools will also get you pamphlets and issues of My Own.